More than word-of-mouth. More than an occasional local newspaper ad. Marketing your home is a full-time effort.


Lake Homes Realty at Lake Whitney really does put your home in front of more people every day. The result: we sold over $10 million in properties in 2016 and we were once again #1 for sales at Lake Whitney in 2017!  Here's how we do it:

  • A Great Website. We launched a few months ago. This site gives exposure to ONLY our listings -- with big beautiful photos and descriptions. When buyers link on a listing, they stay on our site to get full information about that listing. Though also listed on MLS, your home is not completing with hundreds of other listings on our site. Visit our site now.
  •  This is our nationwide Lake Homes brokerage site. Every home we list goes on that site to be marketed across more than 14 states. Like our site, its viewers are only interested in lake area homes and properties.  This site, along with ours, gives your home the greatest exposure to potential buyers here at Lake Whitney.

  • Facebook PLUS.  We market extensively on Facebook where followers get the latest updates on listings. Our page is updated daily. But we take it a few steps further .... we advertise daily on FB to demographic markets in which we believe buyers for your home are located. Each listing may have different demographics and we pay attention to those details. Our FB ads also go to Twitter, Instagram, TUMBLR and other social media sites for maximum exposure.,

  • Print Advertising.  Of course, we put ads in our local newspaper, but we also use other forms of print and direct mail which include posters, etc. Most people today are shopping for homes online, but we do not overlook those preferring print.

  • Open Houses.  Plenty of potential buyers come through our open houses.  We have a goodly number that end up buying that home.  

  • Networking and Word-of-Mouth. We work hard at promoting our listings through several means. We network with other agents to be sure they know about your home and can bring clients out to see it. At least once a year, we invite metroplex and Waco real estate agents to come tour our homes.  We want them to see Lake Whitney and go back and find buyers in their areas.  We also send out emails and other alerts to clients and friends. And we "talk up" our listings as well. We have three agents on staff right now and are looking to add more soon.

  • Dallas Boat Show 2018. Thanks to our affiliation with, we were well represented at this year's Boat Show,  Lake Homes had a sizeable booth with internet access to its website, demonstrating how to find listings on each lake.  Our team spent 4 of the 8 show dates on site, promoting Lake Whitney. Very worthwhile for our clients.