Let me explain the many reasons a house does not sell as quickly as the owner had hoped.

It will sell … YOUR HOUSE IS SALEABLE!  But what is holding up that sale?

The sale of your house is totally dependent on what current buyers are looking for. CURRENT BUYERS.

  • Size.  Your house may be too large or too small for the buyers looking in your area.
  • Location. Location. Location. Current buyers may be more interested in other neighborhoods.
  • Home Style.  French colonial. English Tudor. Ranch style. Two-story. One floor. Back yard too big or too small. Not enough bedrooms or baths?  Too many? Kitchen island or no island? A pantry? Formal dining room or not. Open concept or separated rooms? Large rooms or smaller ones?


Other factors include Appearance and Pricing which I will cover in the next post.


Your realtor can advertise your home online, in print, direct mail, social media, word of mouth and use demographic marketing, but those efforts won’t catch the attention of a buyer who has a different type of house or price point in mind.


Don’t despair. Continued marketing efforts – particularly demographically targeted -- will reach the right buyers – when they start looking for a home like yours. It might not be today or this month or even next month. But as your realtor continues to actively market your home, the right buyer will start home shopping and will find your house ideal for them. Your realtor will continue to show your home to qualified buyers who want to see it because it may meet their needs.

A good realtor can market your home in many ways and a potential buyer will suddenly see a home they like and become a current buyer. We all hope that will happen sooner than later.