Facing a 42% rate hike filed by Double Diamond Water Utilities back in 2016, White Bluff residents took their displeasure to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) in Austin. Less than two years later, residents are delighted with the outcome. White Bluff Property Owners Association (POA) lead the 22-month effort to challenge and finally win the case -- not only preventing the rate hike, but actually reducing rates to less than the old rates that were in place. 

The PUC granted residents a reprieve from the increase while it was investigated. That alone saved each of our rate payers roughly $400 during that time. As of now, each residence will see a savings in its water bill of approximately $795.62 per year FOREVER! In addition, the POA will see a significant drop in billing for water long charged to its account. As a now resident-directed POA Board discovered, the developer (Double Diamond) had part of the golf course sprinkler system connected to his own Double Diamond Utilities, rather than drawing all the water from the lake.

Water bills for individual residences are dropping significantly and for the POA, which is funded by residents.

As a long-time resident myself, I am happy to share this news with you and thank the White Bluff Rate Payers Committee who took on this two-year effort. See full report from our POA.

                                                                             -- Emily Ann Morris, Realtor (and White Bluff Resident)